Ginza Network is an NFT issuance platform supported by (Gene International IT & AI Limited) and built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

In Ginza Network, users can deploy and issue NFTs with one click without and code. Ginza Network also joined the current innovative DeFi concept in the blockchain. Users can experience liquid mining, staking and other functions in the Ginza Network project. For the NFT+DeFi gameplay, the team will develop functions such as NFT mortgage lending and NFT casting decomposition to improve the liquidity of NFT within the ecosystem.

Ginza Network will adopt the Layer 2 solution. Through cross-chain technology, it will connect multiple blockchains such as Ethereum and Polkadot in the future. Ginza Network will enable blockchain projects to acquire users and develop more diversified NFT applications.


About Ginza Network

Ginza is a cross-chain NFT+DeFi+DAO protocol and infrastructure, as well as an open NFT ecosystem. Anyone can create NFT and initiate NFT mining, auctions and transactions.

Ginza provies a cross-chain infrastructure to enable blockchain projects to expand their user base, distribute tokens, and develop more NFT-enabled applications. Ginza can seemlessly connect GENE original users to the Ginza platform ecosystem through the cross-chain function, so as to realize the uprecedented cross-chain transfer of NFT assets for GENE users, and integrate the application and the underlying protocol experience.

Ginza Eternity

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Keep Your Ginza Safe

Ginza Token is a standard BSC token and can be stored in wallets with BSC capabilities.
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Project Team

Kallungal Arun Babu


Kallungal Arun Babu is the founder of S&T Management Pte Ltd. He started his career in the financial consulting industry since 2010 and has managed two other management consulting companies. In the Ginza Network project, he is mainly responsible for serving as the CEO.

Since 2010, he has established a huge network of people mainly in India, Malaysia and Canada, able to quickly identify and identify suitable business partners in various countries to establish and develop business partners and partners also conducted business consulting with Allen , Especially high-net-worth individuals from Canada, Australia and Malaysia.

Benjamin Song


Benjamin Song has more than 20 years of entrepreneur and business management experience. The founded company was invited to be interviewed by the "Haixia Times" magazine. The main project planning, analysis, development, implementation and resource management of the company's projects. He has experience in negotiating, liaising and expanding business in regions including Cambodia and China.

He was responsible for the recruitment, development, guidance and management of teams in Malaysia, Taiwan, the United States of America, Thailand, and the Philippines. Constructed a market for one of the first capital-guaranteed products in alternative investments. In the Ginza Network project, he is mainly responsible for the COO position.

Javier Seow


Javier Seow co-founded Marbleture Sdn Bhd, a company specializing in pure natural marble furniture. He is currently appointed as the general manager/chief marketing officer of Sky Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd, a holding company with 6 restaurants in Singapore that specializes in local cuisine. Prior to this, he had more than 10 years of work experience in real estate direct sales, corporate marketing and brand promotion experience in real estate brokerage companies. In the Ginza Network project, he is mainly responsible for the CMO position.

GENE Background

Gene is a blockchain pass that combines financial protection with real estate and listed equity. It is supported and promoted by a company operating in SIngapore and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to create new corporate trends and open new real estate and equity investment solutions. Gene is also a financial management tool that can increase your wealth, manage and increase the value of digital assets. It not only allows you to enjoy daily income, but also has powerful advantages such as convertible listed equity and physical industries. With the birth of Ginza Network, Gene will work closely with the GInza Network ecosystem.


Gene International IT & AI Limited (Golden Royal International Technology and Intelligence Foundation) is forcused on the combination of financial real estate and listing. It is supported and promoted by a company operating in Singapore and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to create a new corporate potential and open new real estate and equity investment solutions. To regarding the blockchain field, Jinyu International Technology and Intelligence Foundation Currently has a layout in the NFT and DeFi fields. The foundation aims to provide incubation and investment for blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects and communities. The vision of Jinyu International Technology and Intelligence Foundation is to maximize the potential of blockchain technology, hold a strong enough concept, and talk about the better development of the blockchain industry.

Gold Commemorative Coin NFT

Ginza will jointly issue a set of gold commemorative coins NFT with the Australian Gold Exchange. It is a 3D digital collectible platform backed by real gold, allowing users to choose design templates, based on real gold to mint NFT collectibles, and then sell, share and trade these Collection.



Liquid Mining Pool

it is expected that most of the funds in the operating pool will be used for liquidity mining to enable Ginza to gain market competition,


Ginza Token Market Making

2.9% (19.14 million) of Ginza will be invested in the initial market making, and the remaining 1% (19.14 million) of Ginza tokens are expected to be put into market making within one week after the initial market making.


For Private placement

The founding team of Ginza will provide the market with a quota of 15% of the total supply of financing tokens, or 99 million, before the project is lanuched.


Team Reserve Pool

Flexible deployment by Ginza DAO on demand


Business Development Funding Pool

Other practitioners in the incentive mode coorperate closly with Ginza, and this part of the capital can be paid to the cooperative in the form of instant payment.


Governance Equity Certificate

Get Ecological Incentives

As a Pledge Reward

Snap Up an Exclusive NFT

Extract NFT Blind Box

Get NFT Airdrop

Used for NFT Casting

Make a Mortgage Loan

Technical Characteristics

Based on BSC Smart Chain

Ginza is based on Binance Smart Chain. As a parallel running chain of Binance Chain, Ginza can realize functions such as smart contract creation and BNB pledge mining.

Sharding Technology

The sharding technology of GInza Network is different from other public chains such as Ethereum 2.0. Ginza Network does not adopt the model of sharding chain and beacon chain (Each sharding chain needs to be forked), but chooses to concentrate on a single one. Therefore, the block generation interval of GInza Network will be lower, the fragmentation effectiveness will be stronger, and the data will be better.

Ginza Network Bridge

Ginza Bridge is a fast channel for cross-layer asset transfer realized through the trading market. The first phase will realize a fast exchange channel between L1 and L2, and then, depending on the situation, consider opening a fast exchange channel between different L2s.

EVM Vitual Machine Technology

He processing power of GInza Network’s EVM can reach more than 10 times that of Ethereum. Using the dynamic segmentation method, the amount of calculation for contract execution is relatively small. The confimation speed of each transaction only takes 1-2 seconds, and the average gas fee for each transaction is less than 1 US dollar.

Layer 2 Extension Solution ZK Rollup

Ginza Network’s side chain using ZK rollups can also reduce the transaction size. For example, an account users an index instead of a string of addresses, which can reduce the transaction size from 32 bytes to 4 bytes.

Based on BSC Smart Chain

Ginza Network NFT Launchpad is a NFT project issuance platform, the purpose is to help NFT blockchain projects to raise funds.